251' 4" (76.6m)

YERSIN - 2015 251' 4" PIRIOU
N/A N/A Guadeloupe
Price on Application

Yacht for sale is a 2015 PIRIOU 251' 4" "YERSIN" Motor Yacht in N/A, N/A, Guadeloupe.

YERSIN is one of the most advanced and sustainable Explorers of her generation. ICE classed, POLAR coded and CLEAN SHIP certified, she is engineered to the highest standards, resulting in very low environmental impact with minimal consumption. Created to face challenging expeditions in the utmost comfort and style, YERSIN aligns adventure and exploration with sustainability and positive impact. Maintained and crewed to the highest standards, she is ready to explore any destination.

Sustainability credentials

  • Vessel built to be 95% recyclable
  • Bureau Veritas Clean Ship Classified
  • Extremely low fuel consumption and low emissions
  • Underwater hull coated with silicone, non-biocide antifouling
  • Particle filters on all engines, reducing NOx and SOx emissions by 99.8%
  • Optimisation of water treatment from production to recycling
  • Black & grey water storage, up to 10 days
  • Non-wood recyclable resin decks
  • Bilge water and wastewater treatment rated at 5ppm, 60% cleaner than the 15ppm international rule
  • Dynamic positioning, no anchoring impact

Key Features

  • Engineered for all weathers
  • Diesel electric propulsion
  • Ice classed for an ice thickness up to 40cm
  • Polar Code compliant
  • Withstands temperatures from -20°c to +50°c
  • 12,000 nautical range
  • Food storage autonomy for up to 50 days for total 42 passengers
  • Comprehensive functional range of tenders
  • Dedicated dive centre with Air & Nitrox capabilities
  • Exceptional sea worthiness and stability with double pairs of zero-speed Quantum stabilisers
  • Guest spa with gym, hot tub, massage room, hairdressing room and Hammam
  • Cinema room
  • Guest’s elevator to all decks
  • SOLAS Passenger Ship Compliant
  • Research laboratory, classroom/conference room and hospital
  • Owner’s stateroom with private deck forward and recessed balconies
  • 8 luxurious guest staterooms
  • VAT Paid

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LENGTH 76.6m
ASKING PRICE Price on Application
BUILT 2015
BEAM 13m
MX SPEED 15.6 Knots
LOCATION N/A, N/A, Guadeloupe
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 MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Type Diesel electric propulsion, displacement vessel, bulbous bow Flag Malta LOA 76.60m 251'03" LWL 73.70m 241'09" Beam overall 13m 42'07" Draft (full load) 4.5m 14'09" GT 2.198 Tons Displacement (light ship) 1.800 Tons Year Built 2015 Builder Chantiers Piriou Naval Architect Chantiers Piriou Exterior & Interior Design Owner & PJ Kubis Interior fitting-out Agencement Paul Champs Construction Steel hull including main deck, Aluminium superstructure
Bolidt synthetic decks, 10mm / approx. 375m²
All interior wood panelling issued from sustainable recycled forests Classification Bureau Veritas Class I ✠HULL ✠ Machinery Unrestricted Navigation
AUT-UMS, SOLAS Passenger Ship - <= 36 passengers
Polar code compliant Commercial construction compliance Malta flag, SOLAS Passenger Ship - ≥ 13 ≤ 36 passengers      Owner/Guests Accommodation for 18 guests   Owner’s suite forward on owner’s deck   1 x VIP cabin on bridge deck with en-suite bathrooms   4 x Guest double/twin cabins & 2 x triple Guests cabins on lower deck   with en-suite bathrooms     Crew Accommodation for 24 crew   Captain’s double cabin on bridge deck   1 x Pilot’s cabin on bridge deck upper/lower bunk bed  
MACHINERY Main Generators 4 x 1000KVA CATERPILLAR C32 ACERT 875 kW @ 1500 rpm   4 x Alternator Leroy-Somer 800 eKW - 1000KVA – 690V 50Hz   2 x 500KVA CATERPILLAR C18 ACERT 430 kW @ 1500 rpm   2 x Alternator Leroy-Somer 400 eKW - 500KVA – 690V 50Hz Emergency Generator 1 x 219KVA CATERPILLAR C9 192 kW @ 1500 rpm, 3-phases 400V-50Hz   1 x Alternator Leroy-Somer 175 eKW – 219KVA – 400V 50Hz     Dry-exhaust & Particule filters 4 x C32 Nauticlean (Soot & particule filter) FSV16 400   2 x C18 Nauticlean (Soot & particule filter) FSV12 400   Effective reduction of soot (up to 99%)     Electric engine propulsion 2 x ALCONZA electric engines 690V/1500Kw, speed 0 – 1250 rpm     Azipod propulsion 2 x Azipods 1500Kw Schottel STP 3000 FP   360°, double propeller, ice classed up to 40cm thick ice Bow thruster & propulsion Pump-jet 600Kw Schottel SPJ 0132 RD (secondary propulsion up to 6Kts) Control unit bridge & ER Barillec Marine   SPEED, RANGE AND CONSUMPTION Maximum speed 15.6 knots, consumption – 720 l/h Cruising speed 11 knots, consumption – 360 l/h Range at cruising speed 12.000 NM Consumption at anchor 1.700L/day   TANK CAPACITIES (approximate) Fuel 402 m³ 100385 US gallons Petrol SP95 1.88 m³ 496.6 US gallons Hydroplane petrol 100LL 1.88 m³ 496.6 US gallons Fresh water 50 m³ 13208 US gallons Drinkable water tank 1.9 m³ 264.17 US gallons Technical water 159.8 m³ 420215 US gallons Grey water AFT 19.6 m³ 5178 US gallons Grey water FWD 4.05 m³ 1069 US gallons  
ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY Fins stabilizers zero speed Quantum WC 2200 B Zero Speed TM (fwd), 6m²/7.8 m², retractable   Quantum QC 2200 B Zero Speed TM (aft), 6 m², non-retractable     Dynamic Positioning System SIREHNA     Air compressor 2 x Deno DSA11-15 78 Nm³/h, 11kW Air dryer 2 x Deltech Smard SC30   ELECTRICAL SYSTEM System designed to allow connection on any type of shore-power supply worldwide Electricity circuits 690v AC / 50 Hz 3-Phases   400v AC / 50 Hz 3-Phases   230v AC / 50 Hz 1/3-Phases   24 Volts DC   24 Volts DC - Radio Shore power converter Worldwide Output 250 kVA, 230/400 VAC - 50 Hz / 60 Hz Shore power transformer 2 x transformer 3 phases- 690V - 400V – 50Hz – 750kVA Shore Power cable 2 x 40m/250A @ 50°C, electric reeling     UPS IT & Communication equipment, Entertainment - 6 x 3000 kVA     Search lights & projectors 3 x articulated & 16 x fix Xenon Underwater lights 12 x SEAVISION SV37, Xenon   SEA WATER COOLING CIRCUIT Piping Seawater cupronickel, fresh water black steel Aspiration 3 x seachest with cathodic protection Generator cooling 7 x seawater pumps, 7 x fresh water pumps   7 x heat exchanger with expansion tk. Electric propulsion cooling 2 x seawater pumps, 2 x heat exchanger & 2 x fresh water pumps Sea water pumps 9 x AZCUE 40m³/h Fresh water pumps 9 x AZCUE 80m³/h Cold rooms refrigerant cooling 2 x seawater pumps Pump jet cooling 1 x seawater pump & 1 x heat exchanger, 2 fresh water pumps AC cooling 1 x seawater pump per chiller + emergency pump  
FUEL & OIL SYSTEM Fuel oil purifier 2 x Alfa Laval P605 1850l/h, 2.2kW Filtered fuel tank filter 2 x MAHLE filter KFWA-2by system NVF, water content inferior to 60ppm Fuel transfer pump 2 x AZCUE, 15 m³/h Bunkering stations 3 x bunkering station points - MD StBd/ MD PtSd/MD-1 Aft Fuel filters Generator C32 – Double Prefilter 30 mic - RACOR, 2 x Fine CAT filters   Generator C18 – Double Prefilter 30 mic RACOR, 2 x Fine CAT filters   Generator C9 - Double Prefilter 30 mic RACOR, 2 x Fine CAT filters Fuel meter Satam ZC1780/150N – 15/150 m3/h, 10 bar Fuel tender filling station LAFON Technologies – BOXTER.10.VS3 – 90 l/min Dirty oil pump AZCUE 1m3/h – 2 bar Lubrication oil transfer pump AZCUE 1m3/h – 2 bar     Bilge pumps 2 x AZCUE pumps, 60m³/h, located ER & pump jet room Bilge water oil/water separator RWO - SKIT/S-DEB 0.5 m3/h - 5 ppm (clean ship)   FIRE FIGHTING Firefighting pumps 2 x AZCUE, 50m³/h (ER & pump jet room) Ultra-Fog system 5 x Bevi Ultra fog Fire detection & extinction According to IMO MSC & SOLAS Mobile firefighting & fire hose Exterior 6 x fire lockers   Interior 14 x fire lockers Fire fighter protection kit 4 x sets including breathing apparatus   2 x sets (standard fire approach)   19 x extinguishers CO2, 5kg   32 x extinguisher powder, 9kg   12 x extinguisher water, 9 ltrs   2 x foam fire retardant in Engine room 1 x 45 ltrs 1 x 150 ltrs in ER   2 x fire blankets  
FRESH WATER SYSTEM AND TREATMENT Fresh water makers 2 x reverse osmosis SLCE production 25m³/day Fresh water distribution 2 x hydrophore pumps 6m³/h @ 6 bar Hot water circulation 2 x Salmson – 5 m³/h Drinking water system 1 x Hydrophore pump, Azcue - 1m³/h @ 3bar Hot water boilers 4 x 500 l at 18Kw, stainless-steel, Lacaze energies   BLACK & GREY WATER SYSTEM Autonomy 10 days, zero rejection & 10 months stocking capacity solid matter Compliance IMO/MARPOL/MEPC 159/55, USGC, Alaska, labelled CLEAN SHIP Biological sewage treatment DVZ- JZR 100 Biomaster, 18.5 m³/day WC's (toilets) 2 x vacuum stations JETS™ 50MBA & 27 x JETS™ Charm toilets   GARBAGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Autonomy Storage capacity 50 days for 40+ (passengers & crew) Fast freezer locker Friginox Garbage cold storage room 18m³ at -15°C   HVAC SYSTEM, REFRIGERATED ROOMS & VENTILATION Vessel’s temperature insulation Engineered to operate in extreme exterior condition   Air temp. -20°C to +50°C & Sea water temp. -0°C to +38°C Air conditioning Paumier Marine chilled water system Heating system Central and Local     Cold room 1 12 m3 / 15°C Cold room 2 12 m3 / 8°C Cold room 3 12 m3 / 6°C Freezer room 12 m3 / -24°C Refrigerated garbage room 18 m3 / -15°C     Engine room ventilation 2 x fans 30,000m³/h, Engine room depression 0.1kPa     Galley ventilation & extraction Independent circuit with constant depression  
 Stabilisers hydraulic packs 1 x Hydraulic pack HPU XT TM FWD retractable stabilisers   2 x Hydraulic pack Quiet Pack 60HP Boarding ladders & gangway Hydromar 2 x 4kW Deck cranes & davits ACEBI 2 x 40kW  ANTIFOULING, PAINT & CATHODIC PROTECTION Antifouling Intersleek 737 & 970 Silicone (International) Cathodic protection system Hull, BAC cathodic system Paint Full fairing above main deck, polyurethane type Interthane 990   SAFETY, ALARMS & SECURITY EQUIPMENT Gas detection 2 x Honeywell Sensepoint XCD Alarms Integrated to main alarm system Doorbell Doorbell with integrated intercom Exterior doors Locking code controlled Loudspeakers & alarms BOSCH PRAESIDEO system BOSCH, ethernet infrastructure     Man Over Board Alarm system & localisation MOB     EPRIB 1 x KANNAD SAFELINK Auto GPS   1 x KANNAD 406 manual SART 2 x KANNAD rescuer 9GHz radar     2 x NORSAFE 22 persons Life rafts 4 x 25 persons Life Raft     Life jackets  44 x adults + 3 x inflatable   8 x children life jackets   44 x adults + 8 x children near Muster point Buoys All kits according to flag state & Class society Flares & signals All kits according to flag state & Class society Survival kits 49 x kits for navigation in icy waters, including immersion suits SOLAS Medical kit & equipment Compliant to flag state & Class and according to navigation program  
COMMUNICATION AND GMDSS EQUIPMENT Inmarsat Standard C FURUNO FELCOM15 Fleet broadband SAILOR FB500 VSAT 2 x SAILOR 900 VSAT Telecom Systems 2 x VOIP lines over VSAT   1 x GSM lines over GSM gateway   2 x Shore Lines/PSTN   FBB voice line GSM 4G (phone & internet) 1 x modem 4G VHF Radiotelephones 2 x GMDSS SAILOR 6222 Navtex Receiver 1 x JMCNT 1800 Portable GMDSS VHF 3 x SAILOR SP3520   1 x SAILOR 6103 GMDSS alarm panel VHF Aviation 1 x ICOM IC-A110EURO fixe UHF Communication 10 x ICOM IC-F61M Iridium Satellite Phone 2 x Iridium Pilot SSB Radio/MF/HF 2 x SAILOR 6301 Intercom – Telephones VINGTOR/STENTOFON IP technology, digital network Autogenerated Communication VINGTOR/STENTOFON voice & light signal   NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT Screens 9 x 20’ Hatteland X-Band Radar 1 x FURUNO FAR3000 S-Band Radar 1 x FURUNO FAR3000 X-Band River Radar 1 x FURUNO RHRS Echo sounder 1 x FURUNO FE700 & 1 x SKIPPER GDS102 Speed Log 1 x SKIPPER EML224 Magnetic compass 1 x Overhead CASSEN & PLATH T11 Gyrocompass 1 x Octans Ixblue & 1 x Quadran Ixblue Gyrocompass repeaters 2 x AR81, 2 x AR80, 1 x AR78 Autopilot 1 x SIMRAD AP80 Autopilot interfaces 1 x Magnetic compass, 2 x Azipods ECDIS 3 x GECDIS IXBLUE DGPS 1 x FURUNO GP150 GPS 1 x PROFLEX 800, 2 x FURUNO, 1 x MX 610 Nav system Weather stations AIRMAR PB200 Weather station repeaters 3 x FURUNO RD33 bridge, 1 x FURUNO RD33 control room
 Thermic/infrared camera 1 x CURRENT NIGHT NAVIGATOR SOS AIS 1 x FURUNO FA150 U-AIS transponder with GPS & VHF antenna INMARSAT LRIT 1 x FURUNO FELCOM16 VOICE DATA RECORDER 1 x FURUNO VR7000 BNWAS system 1 x FURUNO BR500 & 2 x central SMC IMU 107 Sonar 1 x FAR SOUNDER, 3D colour, positioned in the bulb Gonio 1 x RHOTHETA RT-500 Galileo positioning 1 x GALILEO ASHTECK PROFLEX 800 Rudder Angle Indicator System Bridge, ECR and locally Horn KAHLENBERG Printer 1 x Printer in ship’s office   POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS) Description Start/stop generators, energy production management   Board consumption & propulsion energy management Control station units 2 x Engine Control Room, 2 x Bridge & 1 x Chief engineer’s cabin (PC & printer)     IT system description 4 x Central Servers Ethernet infrastructure 6 x Racks   AUDIO/VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT AND IT SYSTEMS Audio/Video Equipment Video & music on demand, 3 x Servers (Main, 2-nd, backup)   Owner’s & guests (iPad controls, TV screen, speakers, KODI interface)   Crew cabins & mess (iPad controls, TV screen, speakers, KODI interface)   Guest public places (iPad controls, TV screen, speakers, KODI interface)   Cinema (15 seats) TVRO 2 x antennas, SEA TEL Audio Equipment Multimedia linked to central movie server in each cabin and guest lobby Control iPads controlled IT wired and wireless network Full wi-fi access at entire boat with wired connections in each cabin  
DOMESTIC APPLIANCES Main Galley Induction cooking range, METRO Professional   Vitroceramic hot plate   4 x Hot plates   2 x Steamer/oven + hood   Water cooker   Deep fryer   Quick freezer   Salamander   Pastry counter   Deep fat fryer   Cold store   Fridge 376L   Fridge 684L   2 x Fridge 246L   Fridge 246L   Dishwasher    Main deck pantry Fridge 240L   Glass-washing machine   Icemaker   Microwave   Wine locker, 50 bottles     Owner’s deck pantry Fridge 240 L   Dish-washing machine   Glass-washing machine   Icemaker   Nespresso   Microwave 23L Owner’s cabin Fridge 139 L   Microwave   Stowe Owner’s salon 2 x Fridge     Bridge deck pantry Fridge 70 L   Nespresso
 Sun deck pantry Fridge 240L   Dish washing   Icemaker   Nespresso     SPA Fridge 48L     Guest Cabin corridor Fridge 139L     Laundry 1 x 24 kg washing machine   3 x 8 kg washing machine   1 x 24 kg drying machine   3 x 8 kg drying machine   1 x rotary type iron-press   2 x ironing tables     Main Salon Bar Fridge 141 L   Nespresso   Icemaker   2 x wine fridges   Microwave   DECK EQUIPMENT Anchor Winch 2 x fwd, MUIR VRC20000   1 x aft, MUIR VRC18000 Warping Capstans 2 x aft, MUIR VC18000   2 x midship MUIR VC15000 Ground Tackle 2 x fwd HPT anchors, 1305kg, Pool type   1 x aft HPT anchor, 855kg, Pool type Chains 2 x fwd 32mm galvanised chain 220m (8 shackles)   1 x aft 26mm galvanised chain 137.5m (5 shackles) Boat Crane & Davits Foredeck crane: Hydro-Armor 1 ton @ 6m, rotation 360°   Aft deck crane: Hydro-Armor 3 tons @ 5m & 1.5 ton @ 8m   Dedicated to ZODIAC tenders, MUNSON barge & multipurpose hauling   Davits: ACEBI, 2 x 6 tons, tender WAJER 37 Passerelle Hydromar Seawalk telescopic
 Side boarding Port Hydromar Seastair Side boarding Starboard Hydromar Seastair Boarding Ladder 1 x Marquipt Seastair Diving Ladder Stainless steel, 1.2m immerged, removable Sun awnings 2  DIVING EQUIPMENT Professional diving centre Capacity 3 x 8 divers within 6 hours Air compressor LW Compressors 230 ltrs/min – 330 bars Diving tanks AIR 10 x 12ltrs Scubapro NITROX  Mixmaster HP-S   SHOP & SPARE PARTS STORAGE Workshop Designed & equipped to provide complete autonomy by FACOM   2 x hoist 500kg & 2 x hoist 3 tonnes   Comprehensive toolbox and special tools Spare parts storage Estimated spare parts value 1.5m€   OTHER EQUIPMENT  Whirlpool, 1.5m3 Pool Sun deck Pool, 2.2m³ Steam room Hammam Guest elevator all decks Thyssen Krupp, Wheel-chair compliant Dumbwaiter all decks BKG Ship's safes 8 x guest and 23 x crew; 3 x captain’s office     Changing room & weather sass 8 x lockers & 20 x boots heaters     Treadmill & StepperCrew Gym equipment Treadmill 
 TENDERS & WATERSPORTS EQUIPMENT WAJER OSPREY 37 11m, 2 x Volvo Penta D6 400 kW, JET propulsion     ZODIAC Hurricane 2 x 7.5m, 2 x Volvo Penta D4 - 300 kW     MUNSON landing craft 7.3m aluminium, 2 x Volvo Penta D4 - 300 kW     ZODIAC Ribs 2 x professional Zodiac gamme AKA Marine   3 x Yamaha 4T 60 cv direct drive   2 x "PROP GUARD" propeller covers     Waters toys 1 x Kayak 1 person Hobie, 1 x Kayak 2 persons Hobie   1 x water ski O’Brien Vortex & O’Brien Performer 68   1 x wake board O’Brien system 140   1 x sailing dinghy Tiwal 3   2 x Paddle board Aqua Marina    REMARKS  Detailed specifications available on request. An exclusion list will be provided pursuant to a purchase agreement.     DISCLAIMER    All speeds, measurements, capacities, consumptions, etc. may be approximate or estimated. Specifications provided for information only.  Data was obtained from sources believed to be reliable and is not guaranteed by owner or brokers. Buyer assumes the responsibility to ascertain the correctness of all data contained herein and otherwise provided and must instruct his agent and surveyors to confirm all details for accuracy prior to purchase. Subject to prior sale price and inventory change or withdrawal from market without notice.