140' (42.67m)

2024 Project 140 Spritz - 2024 140' ALPHA Spritz 140
Merkez Yalova Turkey
Price on Application

Yacht for sale is a 2024 ALPHA 140' "2024 Project 140 Spritz" Spritz 140 Motor Yacht in Merkez, Yalova, Turkey.

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ASKING PRICE Price on Application
BUILT 2024
BEAM 28' 4"
MX SPEED 16.5 Knots
DISPLACEMENT 727525.46 Lbs
LOCATION Merkez, Yalova, Turkey
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The purpose and intent of these specifications is to set forth the requirements for the design, construction, testing and delivery of one 140 ft (42.6 meters) length overall, composite construction, double screw, motor yacht to suit the Owner's requirements.These specifications are not intended to describe every detail in construction, methods, materials or design but to set out the Owner's minimum requirements for performance, appearance, materials and arrangement.The design and construction of the Yacht shall generally be in accordance with the Technical Specifications, approved Standards, Classification Society rules and regulations and common yacht practices as they are laid down in these Specifications and in the Yacht Construction Agreement between the Builder and Owner.Any item not mentioned in the Technical Specifications and/or in the General Arrangement Plan and Associated Drawings, but required by the Flag Administration, Classification Society or simply required for the safe and reliable operation of the Yacht, will be included in the scope of supply of the Builder.The Builder will supply, fit and deliver all the items of material and equipment required to fulfil the scope of the Technical Specifications, and the Design Plans and Associated Drawings, except those items specifically designated as Owner’s supply items.2.1 DESIGN
It is intended that the Yacht be used as a pleasure vessel for comfortable cruising in moderate seas and all systems, equipment and outfitting shall, in all respects, be designed and constructed and be suitable for such service. Tropical areas will be the reference for climatic conditions.2.2 RULES
The yacht will be built according to RINA rules for the classification of pleasure yachts, with the Hull moulded under RINA supervision. Built to Class RINA C " HULL • MACH Y Pleasure Yacht Unrestricted NavigationThe yacht shall also comply with the following regulations for Private Yachts :-
1. RINA Rules for Pleasure Yachts as above with Interim Certificate provided at hand over
2. International Tonnage Certificate – ITC (1969 Tonnage Convention)
3. International Sewage Pollution Prevention (Marpol Convention Annex IV)
4. Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (Marpol Convention Annex VI)
5. COLREG; Requirements of International Convention for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea as amended
6. International Telecommunication and Radio Regulations with the latest Amendments2.3 MAIN DRAWINGS
For the purpose of complementing the Specifications, the General Arrangement Plan is enclosed in Annex I. The Designer and Naval Architect plans as well as other plans that will be developed by the Builder shall be the basis for the design and construction of the vessel and are subjected to revisions according to interior design, detailed design and engineering and consultation with manufacturers and vendors.2.4 MAKER’S LIST
A list of makers, manufacturers or vendors for main machinery, equipment and some system components will be provided by the shipyard as Annex II.2.5 QUALITY
Generally build quality is equal or better to that achieved on Alpha Yachts Alfresco 125-03 and the best Italian production yachts of this size.2.6 HULL STRUCTURE
The hull is built on a multi part single use mould and has transversal and longitudinal framing in accordance with the approved plans.
Vinylester resin is used for the lamination and hand lamination is generally used. Decks, bulkheads and flat panels are generally vacuum infused.2.7 SUPERSTRUCTURE AND DECK
The superstructure and structural decks are moulded in a similar fashion to the hull.2.8 DOORS AND GLAZING
Windows in the superstructure and hull are of laminated hardened glass, heavy enough not to require storm shutters.2.9. TEAK DECK
The exterior decks are covered in teak planks of 12mm finished thickness. Caulking is black. 2.10 STEPS AND STAIRS
Are covered in teak in a similar manner to the decks.2.11 MANOEUVRING HELM STATION
To starboard will be a bar area with long counter top and layout according to the designs. The bar will have the following appliances below the counter top; single sink with hot and cold water, ice box, fridge, storage cabinets and a grill, the domestic appliances are subject to the allowances in annex III.2.13 LOCKERS AND STORAGE
Lockers and storage will be arranged as shown in the plans.
All machinery and auxiliary systems required for proper and safe operation of the Yacht are provided and installed in accordance with good marine practice.
All machinery and equipment is fitted in accordance with supplier’s recommendation and RINA Rules, with the necessary remote controls, starting or stopping arrangements, alarm & monitoring systems.3.1 MAIN ENGINES
By MAN Germany, which will give the performance outlined previously. The engines are model number D2862 LE453 giving 1,213 kW at 2300 rpm. They are V12 4 stroke high pressure common rail direct injection engines which are turbocharged and inter-cooled, of 24.24 litres displacement. Fitted with MAN supplied SCR catalytic exhaust system using Urea injection to achieve IMO Tier III compliance.3.2 REVERSE REDUCTIONS GEARBOXES
Reverse, reduction gear boxes are coupled to the main engines via a torsional coupling. Reduction ratio is approximately 3:13.3 ENGINE MOUNTING
The engines are resiliently mounted to reduce noise and vibration.3.4 SHAFT SYSTEM AND PROPELLERS
The shaft line is supported on water lubricated bearings. The propellers are five bladed outboard turning and made from Nickel Bronze Aluminium. They are cast and then CNC machined and balanced and finished to exceed ISO 484/2 class S4.3.5 SHAFT LINE BEARINGS AND SEALS
The shaft is made from Aquamet 17 or equivalent duplex stainless steel shaft material. The stern tube glands (seals) are of the mechanical drip less type, water lubricated face slip seals.3.6 ENGINE ROOM AIR SUPPLY
Engine room ventilation is provided by reversible variable speed axial fans to meet the engine manufacturers requirements for air supply and cooling. Air inlets and outlets are fitted with efficient mist and spray elimination systems.3.7 EXHAUST SYSTEM
The exhausts exit the hull underwater through in-hull sound muffling boxes with a pressure relief slow running bypass installed permanently open and exiting below the lower rub rail (sponson).3.8 CONTROLS AND INSTRUMENTS
The pilothouse has a MAN engine information panel for each engine which shows engine data including RPM, % Load, Fuel Consumption, Oil Pressure, Coolant Temperature and other relevant data for both engines. MAN engine control panels for the engine room are fitted.   
The system is designed to meet Class and ABYC regulations and norms., it is built to the highest yachting standards and includes all gauge controls, switches and breakers necessary for the operation of the systems. All major components are from first class International makers and of high quality.4.1 SOURCES OF POWER
Principal sources of power are 440v 60 hertz three phase with neutral from generators or shore power and 24volt direct current from the service, emergency and start batteries. Domestic outlets are 120v 60 hertz. Domestic appliances and as much equipment as possible is three phase.4.2 DIESEL GENERATORS
Generators are 208v 60 hertz three phase, of about 118kW made by Kohler and supplied in manufacturers sound shields and mounted on manufacturers anti-vibration mounts.4.3 SHORE POWER
Shore power is rated up to 100 amps and comes aboard through two 30 meter lengths of flexible cable with one receptacle forward and one aft. The two power supplies go to an isolation transformer with ground link for use when not afloat.
Powered cable reels are available as an option. 4.4 MAIN SWITCH PANEL
The panel is a metal cabinet with hinged opening doors, the front panels contain all necessary breakers and analogue instruments to allow control and monitoring of the system. Each generator has a control panel which allows it to be placed in parallel automatically. There is a priority system for automatic generator start up in case of black out or overload. Seamless transfer generator-to-shore and generator-to-generator is provided.4.5 BONDING AND GROUNDING SYSTEM
The vessel has a bonding system connecting all metal exposed to sea water to a large oval anode on the outside of the transom below water. Propeller shafts are provided with grounding brushes connected to the bonding bus. There are zinc anodes as needed to protect metals below the water line.4.6 LOW VOLTAGE
Low voltage power is 24volt DC. 4.7 BATTERIES
Batteries are of the low maintenance type. 24 volt service battery is about >500 amp hours. Emergency batteries are sufficient to allow the basic navigation equipment to operate, along with navigation lights and VHF radios for at least two hours, or as required by Rules. The two Main Engine 24volt start batteries are each about 300 Amp hrs (or as specified by MAN if greater), there is a paralleling switch to allow emergency starting of the second engine. 12 volt generator start batteries are be sized according to the generator manufacturers specifications.4.8 CHARGERS
A 120VAC-24VDC quick acting battery charger is provided for each battery group, chargers are suitable for the type of battery to be charged and of first class marine quality.4.9 INTERIOR LIGHTS
Lighting is provided throughout the yacht’s interior and exterior in accordance with the plans. All lighting is LED, unless specifically agreed otherwise. In the guest areas all spotlights are dimmable, LED strip lighting is simple on / off. Interior spaces, stairways and corridors have 24volt ‘emergency’ courtesy lights.4.10 EXTERIOR LIGHTS
Exterior areas are lit by weather proof fixtures made in marine quality materials. All lighting is LED, unless specifically agreed otherwise. All exterior spotlights are dimmable. 4.11 UNDERWATER LIGHTS
Underwater lights are available as an option to be fitted in the locations shown on the plans.4.12 NAVIGATION LIGHTS
LED navigation lights are fitted in accordance with COLREGs and Flag requirements.
As an Option a towing light can be fitted. 4.13 POWER SOCKETS AND SWITCHES
Electrical outlets and switches are of first class international make, Vimar, Gewiss or similar. The outlets are of the American pattern and suitable for the local power requirements. 4.14 SEARCHLIGHT
Remote controlled search light is provided. 4.15 ALARM AND MONITORING SYSTEM AMS
Monitoring system is a touch panel of 13inches in the pilothouse with a repeater in the crew mess and among other abilities it will show all tank levels, all alarms including fire alarms. Some items may be on separate mimic panels. A tank level monitoring system is provided in the engine room near the fuel manifold. 4.16 FIRE DETECTION AND ALARM
A zone addressable fire alarm system with smoke alarms for the complete accommodation and smoke and heat alarms for engine room and galley is arranged with the main panel in the main control station and alarms at the Alarm Monitoring system as repeater. 4.17 POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
Electrical power is controlled by a Power Management System allowing the monitoring to be used to switch from generator to generator, parallel the generators, transfer seamlessly between shore power and generators or visa versa. It also triggers alarms on the monitoring when any one of the power supplies reaches about 90% of its maximum power. It has a selective load shedding arrangement which
takes any power provider off line before it goes into overload.
The following list is to be considered standard supply but is to be finalised and defined with the end client at least 12 months before delivery, updating to latest specifications and models as available. This is subject to an allowance and can be varied as desired within that.• Radar One Open Array 6kW 64 nm range with 6 foot antenna and multi function display with ARPA
• GPS One
• VHF in Pilothouse
• Autopilot
• Multi Data Instrument
• Fluxgate Compass
• Monitor, Two 15inch
• Echo Sounder One showing also water temperature
• Wind Speed and Weather Data One solid state masthead sensor for wind speed, direction and air temperature, with display in the pilothouse
• AIS One class A transponder with interface to the other instruments
• Keyboard for Radar and Plotter One radar/plotter keyboard compatible with other equipment and of latest generation (or equivalent)
• Transducers one for echo sounder, with sea water temperature and one for through the water speed. Both fitted below the hull in proper fairing pieces.
• The vessel will be fitted with two multi purpose transducers, as above, below the guest cabin area, one to port one to starboard of the keel.
• Magnetic Compass one Ritchie (or similar) magnetic compass will be installed one in the overhead of the pilothouse above the conning position. It will have a light for night operations and will be corrected and adjusted prior to delivery of the yacht. It will be provided with a certificate and a Compass correction card signed off by an authorised compass adjuster.
• The system will have a GSM receiver connected to one input line and provision for a sat com line.
• EPIRB Float free 5.1 CCTV SYSTEM
Closed circuit television system is installed with two cameras in the engine room and one on the aft deck looking toward the swim step transformer.
The picture(s) are displayed on the monitors in the pilothouse and the crew mess.
There is an Option to accommodate up to three more CCTV cameras.  5.2 WIFI
The vessel will be equipped with a WiFi system with access points in each area so all decks, cabins and areas are fully covered. There will be a 5G router installed with an external antenna, the provision of the necessary SIM card will be Owners Supply. Standard equipment will include :-
KERIO Router NG500
Rogue Wave Wi-Fi Shore to Ship
Peplink GSM LINK
Unifi Access Points
Unifi Tough Switch
Netgear 24 port Gigabit Switch
APC1500 Backup Battery
The following list is to be considered standard supply but is to be finalised and defined with the end client at least 9 months before delivery, updating to latest specifications and models as available. This is subject to an allowance and can be varied as desired within that. UPPER DECK
JL Audio Speakers 8” 1 zone (1 pair forward, 1 pair ceiling, 1 pair aft)
JL Audio M800 Amplifier (1 zone)
SONOS Connection
Beach Area
JL Audio Speakers 8” SONOS Connect AMP
Main Salon
Samsung 85” 4K Smart TV ALED V7 Mounting Bracket
Mac Pro (Video Server)
KEF in ceiling 6.5 Speakers (Pair) Apple TV 32GB 4K
JAMO 6” Cube Subwoofer
Al Fresco Dining Area & Aft Sunbathing
JL Audio Speakers 8” (2 pair Al Fresco Ceiling / 1 pair aft) SONOS Connect
JL Audio M800 Amplifier
1 Sonos
Owners Cabin
Samsung 32” 4K Smart TV QLEDV7 Mounting Bracket
KEF in ceiling 6.5 speakers (pair) Apple TV 32GB 4KLOWER DECK
Guest Cabins
SONOS Beam Soundbar and Bracket
Pre configured and wired for optional TVs
Crew Mess
SONOS Beam Soundbar and Bracket
Pre configured and wired for optional TVs
All sea water inlets are provided with suitable approved filters with stainless steel baskets which can easily be removed and cleaned whilst afloat.
Pumps of more than ½ kW capacity are mounted on flexible mounts to reduce transmission of noise and vibration.
All pumps handling fuel, lubricating oil or hydraulic oil are mounted over drip trays, with drain taps.
All pumps have valves fitted each side of them to allow service or replacement without draining the system they serve.
All pumps for salt water are marine quality and made from salt water resistant materials by a well known manufacturer.   7.1 SEA WATER SYSTEM
Approved seawater inlets, water filters and piping are provided as recommended by the engine manufacturer. Seawater connections are arranged for the following users/consumers through a crossover pipe :
Main Engine (2)
Diesel Generators (2)
Fire & Bilge Water System
Air Condition Unit
Sewage Treatment Plant (if fitted)
Spare    Isolating valves are fitted on both sides of each strainer to enable cleaning without water being drained. Piping and flanges are solid metal CuNiFe with press fittings and flanges.7.2 FUEL SYSTEM
There are four storage tanks and two service tanks.
The fuel system has a common breather line and Class approved overflow tank.
Fuel is supplied to the main engines and generators through Racor type filters.
Each tank is fitted with a level and alarms that are shown on the monitoring system. The monitoring
system allows the read out to be changed between US Gallons and Litres.
As an Option a fuel purifying centrifuge or large Coalescing filter can be installed.7.3 BILGE SYSTEM
Bronze bilge pump to exceed Class requirements with a cross over between the fire and bilge pump so either pump can be used for either service.
Each watertight compartment or bilge area is fitted with a bilge suction fitted with a strum box and has a bilge level alarm nearby.7.4 FIRE FIGHTING SEA WATER SYSTEM
The Main fire pump is a bronze self priming pump driven by a 60hertz, three phase motor, as per Class rules. A diesel powered emergency pump is fitted outside the engine room complete with its own manifold arrangement so it can also be used as an emergency bilge pump.7.5 ENGINE ROOM FIXED FIRE SYSTEM
The Engine Room compartment is protected by an approved fixed NOVEC or FM200 fire extinguishing system with automatic and/or manual remote discharge control.7.6 PORTABLE FIRE EQUIPMENT
Portable fire extinguishers and other equipment will be provided throughout the yacht in accordance with RINA rules and Flag requirements.7.7 ALARMS
A zone addressable fire alarm system with smoke alarms for the complete accommodation and smoke and heat alarms for engine room and galley is arranged with a main panel in the pilothouse. A repeater display is fitted in the crew quarters.7.8 STEERING SYSTEM
The steering is electro hydraulic with a tie bar. The system has two pumps, one 208volt 3 phase ac and one 24 volt. They can be used together but are of sufficient size to meet the rules for rudder movement if used alone.
A local and independent emergency steering system is provided with a rudder angle indicator and an intercom to allow instructions to be passed to the helmsman from the pilothouse.
The rudders are fabricated from stainless steel and are fitted slightly offset so propellers and shafts can be withdrawn without dismantling the rudders.       7.9 BOW THRUSTER
The Bow Thruster is electrical with counter rotating propellers and proportional control by means of a joystick both from the internal pilothouse and the exterior control position(s). Power is about 75kW (about 100hp). 7.10 STABILISATION SYSTEM
A electrical fin stabilisation system both dynamic (underway) and stationary (at anchor) is available as an option. 7.11 MOORING AND ANCHOR ARRANGEMENT
There are two anchor chains each of about 6 lengths, each coupled to a high holding power anchor by means of a swivel. In any case the anchors and chains will be one size greater than the required class EN number and each chain will have one more length than required by rules.
Each anchor chain is recovered by an independent vertical axis electric windlass made of polished stainless steel, motor and gear set below the deck.
There are four polished stainless steel mooring bits on the fore deck. The fairleads are of polished stainless steel with rollers.
At midship, port and starboard is a mooring bitt to handle spring lines.
A small foldable flat cleat suitable for attaching tenders and Jet skis is fitted on the top face of each lower sponson port and starboard.         7.12 AFT MOORING ARRANGEMENT
On the aft deck port and starboard is an ‘open’ type fairlead with rollers.
One polished stainless steel electrical capstan is fitted on each aft mooring plinth.The capstans are electric powered with 3 phase motor and reduction gear arranged below the deck.
The capstans are operated by a single foot press air switch.
Fore and aft of each capstan is a polished stainless steel mooring bitt, four in total.7.13 AFT GANGWAY
The Transformer unit fitted into the swim step will be so designed as the be used also as a gangway to allow access to a dock at the stern. No retractable up and down gangway will be fitted. 7.14 AFT PLATFORM AND TENDER HANDLING
As an Option a tender lift handling 750kg can be fitted in the aft platform.7.15 FRESH WATER SYSTEM
Fresh water outlets with quick connect fittings are provided on the fore deck, the sun deck, the aft deck, the garage and in the engine room.
There is a hand held deck shower with hot and cold water on the swim platform.     
Fresh water is supplied from twin pressure sets, with electronic pressure regulation to maintain about 3 bar pressure throughout the boat. 7.17 WATER HEATERS
Hot water is provided by two insulated stainless steel hot water tanks each of about 100 litres capacity. There is one hot water recirculation pump.7.18 WATER MAKERS AND FILTERS
A desalination unit and various filtration and water treatment systems are available as Options. The vessel has piping installed suitable for connection to a desalinisation unit. When the water maker Option is fitted product water goes straight from the water maker to the fresh water tank with a connection from the cold water line to allow back flushing. 7.19 SANITARY SYSTEM
Generally the waste water all drains to a holding tank. There is a waste water discharge pump which normally discharges to a shore connection it is fitted with a valve that can allow discharge overboard when the vessel is in waters where this is permitted.
The breather from the waste tanks is fitted with an air treatment unit to prevent odours.
A sewage treatment plant can be fitted as an Option.7.20 TOILET UNITS
The toilets on board are of the pumped macerator type by Tecma and flush from fresh water, they discharge to the waste tank.7.21 LUBE OIL SYSTEM
A lubricating oil change system can be provided and installed as an Option.7.22 COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM
A compressed air system is fitted with a receiver tank in the engine room, as an option outlets with quick connects can be fitted in more locations. 7.23 AIR CONDITIONING
The HVAC system is designed and installed to provide comfortable living conditions in tropical climates. It is approximately 300,000 btus, but in any case is designed to provide 6 changes of air per hour in the accommodation spaces and meets the following criteria.SUMMER                         Outside      Inside
Temperature                    40°C          21°C
Relative Humidity             85%          55%
Sea Water Temperature    32°CWINTER                          Outisde      Inside
Temperature                    0°C           22°C
Relative Humidity             90%
Sea Water Temperature    5°CAir Conditioning is provided by a sea water cooled chiller system with a recirculating water/glycol loop throughout the vessel, the unit is reverse cycle so heating can be done in cool weather.
Fresh air make up units are installed to provide fresh make up air, to the owners, guests and lower deck accommodation as well as to the main saloon. 7.24 VENTILATION
Each bathroom, including day heads is provided with air extraction by electric fans and ducting.
The galley is provided with a commercially available domestic air extraction hood above the cooking area and a natural balance duct to keep the pressure balanced. 
The interior it fitted out and finished to a standard comparable to Alpha Yachts Alfresco 125-03
The lower and main deck have a floating floor system. Cabin doors close to a frame with a rubber gasket, so they soft shut. Door hinges are of a superior type with three axis adjustment, hidden movement and cover plates. All doors are fitted with ‘bump’ stops or locks recessed into the door header.
All drawers slide with soft closing and stops to prevent them opening too far. They have a ‘catch’ system to hold them positively closed when at sea.
Where necessary for strength marble and stone can be of the lightweight type and mounted on aluminium honeycomb backing.
All domestic appliances, bathroom fitting and soft furnishings etc. are subject to allowances and can be varied as desired within that.      8.1 GUEST AREA
The Guest area is laid out and finished in accordance with the plans. There is fitted stowage for glasses and plates as supplied by the Owner. Cabin spot lights are LED and dimmable. Bathrooms have courtesy night lights. Cabins have courtesy night lights. Beds have a reading light for each occupant. Double beds are arranged to have a section that can be easily lifted to access the area below for storage. Mattresses are provided with ventilation below them. Mattresses are of good household quality, made to size if necessary and from high quality natural materials.
Blinds, where used are provided with guides to stop them slapping or moving when underway and their operating pull cords are installed so they do not move or slap either.
Drawers and Cupboards have soft closing and a system to prevent them opening when underway in rough seas. Hanging lockers and wardrobes are provided with door activated courtesy lights.
Carpets where used are first quality wool or other approved fire rated material to an allowance. They are laid on approved fire resistant underlay.
Owners cabin and Captains cabin are fitted with a hotel type safety box.
Shower cubicles are made from resin coated marine plywood and have the floor and before any luxury finishes are applied the sides are laminated with glass fibre and resin for a height of one meter,.
Each bathroom has a duct to a permanently running extractor fan, the inlet for this duct is in the showers.
A full suite of bathroom accessories is provided according to the designs. All taps faucets and guest cabin bathroom fittings are of a quality similar to Grohe or Hansgrohe.
Main deck saloon has loose furniture divans, seating, and cabinets as drawn. On the forward bulkhead to starboard is a 77 inch TV. Aft is a bar area with a sink, wine cooler and fridge.
Crew area is well finished to a good quality, the walls and deck heads in good quality laminate.
A washing machine with tumble drier stacked unit is fitted. 8.3 GALLEY
The Galley is laid out and equipped to serve top quality food for the crew and guests aboard. The galley is served by a high capacity fan coil and a balancing air duct from outside with its outlet near the extractor hood. 8.4 PILOTHOUSE
The finish and detailing is of guest area standard.8.5 INTERIOR ALLOWANCES
Allowances for the interior fit out are shown in Annex III.8.6 GALLEY APPLIANCES
Domestic appliances are of a good quality and made by a well known international brand with service and support available in the USA, (Miele, Electrolux, Whirlpool or similar). This is subject to an allowance and can be varied as desired within that.
The following domestic appliances are fitted as standard:-
Induction type ceramic cook top of four burners, as an Option six burners can be fitted
Extraction hood, over cook top taking air direct outside
Removable fiddle rail around hob, to hold pans firmly when underway
Small simple microwave
Oven, standard European size with fan recirculation
Single twin door unit with 350 ltr (13 cu ft) fridge and freezer about 175 ltr (6.32 cu ft) (or similar)
Double sink with pull out type faucet
Suitable double waste disposal bins, Brabantia or equivalent   
The excellent acoustic comfort level of the Yacht is in part achieved with effective acoustic insulation in the vicinity of permanently or intermittently operating machinery such as engines, diesel generators, hydraulic power packs, toilet pumps, other pumps, fan coils, ventilation fans etc. All such machinery is resiliently mounted so as to minimise the transmission of noise into the Yacht’s structure.8.8 NOISE LEVELS
Noise levels in the accommodation areas will comply with those indicated in the insulation plan and will be better or equivalent to motor yachts of similar size and performance.8.9 ENGINE ROOM INSULATION
The Engine room has an acoustic and thermal insulation package applied, to protect against fire and also to provide a high degree of sound insulation.
The insulation plan for the forward engine room bulkhead includes an air gap in a double bulkhead configuration with insulation on both sides of the bulkhead.
All painting is performed to super yacht standards using marine paints and fillers made by Akzo Nobel, great care is taken to fair the surfaces before painting to achieve a beautiful and accurate surface finish.9.1 HULL BELOW WATER
The Hull below the water line is painted with a full cycle of protective paints and undercoats before two coats of antifouling are applied. 9.2 HULL ABOVE WATER
The hull above water is finished in white Axalta Imron as standard.
Boot Topping Line will be high gloss painted onto the hull as shown in the drawings. The colour of this line to be owners choice.
As an Option the Hull above water can be painted a colour, if a dark colour is chosen the surface will require special surface preparation at an additional extra cost. 9.3 SUPERSTRUCTURE
Is finished in white Axalta Imron as standard, with the dark areas shown on the profile painted to super yacht standard in a dark paint colour selected by the designer. 9.4 BILGES FORE PEAK AND TECHNICAL SPACES
Bilges and technical spaces are painted in gloss white Akzo Nobel bilge paint.
All safety equipment required by RINA or Flag administration for pleasure use of a private yacht is supplied, installed and stowed as appropriate.10.1 CUSHIONS, COVERS AND SCREENS
Cushions with Sunbrella covers are provided for main deck, forward deck, flybridge seating and sunbathing areas.
As an Option covers can be supplied and arranged for all the fixed seating and other exterior furniture.
As an Option wheelhouse windows can be provided with a mesh type material cover to shade from the sun. 10.2 VESSEL NAME
The yacht name and port of registry is from special adhesive material (3M or similar) and applied to the transom as required by Flag. The type face will be selected by the Owner.
As an Option the name may be cut from mirror polished stainless steel and permanently attached to the transom.
Also as an Option the name can be made in a back lit design to the owners requirements. 10.3 OPTIONS AND EXTRAS
Various extras and options are available and are listed in Annex V Options List.